shutterstock_103825307 medium size Essential oil with jasmine flower and vanilla for aromatherapyWould You Like to Know How To Effectively Use Essential Oils?


Interested in essential oils but confused by all the conflicting information out there? How do I use them? Who do I turn to for advice? Which essential oil should I use first? Should I use one oil at a time or more than one? Where would I apply the oil? How much of the oil should I use? How often? I was so excited to open my Essential Oil’s as gifts! Tearing off the wrapping paper, surrounding myself with all these cute vials, I was thrilled with the experience. Like a kid in the candy store. Taking the tops off one by one to get a whiff of the fragrance. shutterstock_184639265 medium size Young woman receiving a surprise gift from her boyfriend at home.But then the bafflement set in.  All the questions above came up. You’ve found a frustrated and searching fellow EO user.


Are you tired of all the bickering and conflicting information on the safety of essential oils?  shutterstock_93078454 medium size Couple having an argument or a tiff, bickering, nagging and complaining and having a quarrelAre you fed up with not knowing who to believe? Do you know how to tell if it is safe to ingest certain oils so you can make the right choice for yourself and your family? I’m not willing to put anything inside my body without authoritative indications. What factors do you take into account to know which oils are really pure and safe to use, information you haven’t heard from your Facebook friends. Can you tell the difference between and myth and the truth when it comes to essential oils or does this turn you into a frustrated user? shutterstock_198775886 medium size Uncover the facts text appeaering behind torn brown paperDo you know about the different application methods so you can freely and knowledgeable use the cute little vials you have? Do you know where to go when you want to buy therapeutic grade essential oils or an accessory to EO’s? With so many new companies popping up which essential oil companies are reputable? What 3 essential oils should you begin with if you are just a beginner? What books are useful? We talk about all this on this website. It isn’t about buying a ton of essential oil vials and then not knowing how to use the ones you have.


When I first started using essential oils 15 years ago I was skeptical, shutterstock_186154805 medium size Helpless young man raising hand up to say no stop right there, negative emtion facial expression, signs, symbols, body language Close up portraitI don’t buy into all the woo-woo out there. My husband calls them snake oil even. shutterstock_137933696 medium size Cartoon illustration of snake oil and woo woo quackeryA friend of mine shared her soap scrub recipe with me using baking soda, olive oil and lavender EO but I didn’t know the exact recipe so I didn’t make it for myself. I found some essential oils at the local health food store and drugstore and bought eleven jars. Just drugstore brands. One was tea tree oil. Another was Lavender with a few drops of Melaleuca added to it. Mostly I just smelled them. I didn’t know how to use them and mostly they just sat in my spice cupboard. It was a really good thing as I would never want to use drugstore brands internally. As a Psychology graduate I wasn’t comfortable about the use of essential oils without a professional conversation. A decade past. Then fifteen years. And I heard a testimonial online on The Truth About Cancer the Quest for the Cure Continues – of a girl who had used a drop of Frankincense essential oil on the roof of her mouth every hour and went into remission and I was intrigued. I found a scientific article about the benefits of Wild Orange essential oil. I started reading everything I could get my hands on, knowing from my Psychology background that results in a lab do not equal results on real people in real life. Knowing there is a big difference between an anecdotal report from someone who wants to please and a double blind scientific study. Remembering that we were taught in University that correlation does not equal cause. As I explored finding books that make the best reference books my knowledge of Essential Oils increased. I lean towards topical application as my favorite way to apply the oils, EO’s mixed with coconut oil.


You can learn, and I find the easiest ways is to learn as you go. shutterstock_289286060 jpeg illustration text natural product natural non toxic essential oils therapeutic gradeEach time you buy a new essential oil look it up to see if it is hot or if it is photosensitive. Read about it so you know how to use that one oil. And then actually use it. Often. I use Lavender everyday. A drop of YL Lavender in a glass of water and drink it. I diffuse Lavender at bedtime as it promotes relaxation. Do you have a mentor who is level with you and that you trust for answers to your questions? Are you sick of having to buy pdf files and webinars and do you just want someone to help you understand how to use essential oils?


shutterstock_210202159 medium size Adorable cute white and ginger tabby Persian Ragdoll cat lying down and looking up at the camera Show catMy cat has a bump just under the skin on his right side. When I bought a Fido and Felix kit to make 10 vials of pet friendly EO’s, it cost $250.00 just to get the necessary ten jars of essential oils. But you don’t need ten different oils to begin, as my mentor told me, just begin with what you have. So I have Lavender and so I’ll use that with a rollerball top for application on my cat until I can buy more oils over time. (Of course he saw a vet 4 months ago when we adopted him into his new forever home from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley.) So if you can just afford one oil start with Lavender. It is considered the Swiss Army Knife of essential oils, it has so many uses. Now don’t do what I do, buy almost $250 worth of essential oils for your pets only to find that your cat, like mines, runs to hide under the bed when I try to apply the oil to his paws!


You are interested in natural things, that is why you are here. My cousin is excited about natural things like essential oils – excited to use them with her family. shutterstock_7903582 medium size Close up portrait of a healthy, happy and attractive young family taking a break and relaxing She got some EO’s for Christmas. shutterstock_301174226 medium size Close up of nicely wrapped present being held by a child with no face visible. Gift of essential oils over the holidaysI actually got quite a few essential oils for Christmas.  Lemon, Clove, Myrrh, Orange, Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus.  Now I will just have to figure out how to use them all. lol :-)” My cousin just learned about essential oils for the very first time this year (2015) and she has all these questions about using them. The who, what where, when and why questions that are key to ask and answer in every article that we learned to do as a high school paper reporter.

  • How much does she use? shutterstock_325524089 medium size Text things to know about essential oils and young woman holding a card smiling and doing a thumbs up gesture
  • What is a diffuser and how do you use one?
  • Where does she apply it?
  • What makes an oil safe for internal use?
  • Are there chemicals, preservatives or additives in the product?
  • What is layering? How do I do it?
  • Pregnancy and babies, should they avoid essential oils?
  • Safety you need to know but haven’t been told about EO’s.


shutterstock_169242641 medium size Word cloud with expert in essential oils related text How to ask an expert for advice on essential oils and meditationThen Lynette, a professional massage therapist came to visit one Autumn. She offered to give me 3 massages and she used essential oils in the massage oil. Years back she took all these First Responder classes so she knows anatomy. A brilliant mind, and one of those types of people that everyone loves to be around, she’s so much fun. She introduced me to the wonderful smell of Joy, and made a mix in a sample bottle with Lavender for me to use when I travel when I’m sensitive to anxiety. She helped blend a mixture to add to my tooth soap and use on a gum that was inflamed by one tooth. And it cleared up. I see a dentist 4 times a year for teeth cleaning and she said my home care is good! shutterstock_76057897 medium size mentor and mentoring essential oils Concept of mentoring illustration glowing lightShe showed me how to look up a list of essential oils to see which ones were hot (my list has the icon of a hand beside each oil that is hot) or photosensitive and I bought the Simplers Aromatherapy Guide for $9.00 on Amazon so I’d have my own copy. I love this aromatherapy booklet because it is so short and to the point. We went through it page by page and underlined it. She showed me how to blend oils. More and more people re learning to take care of themselves this way.shutterstock_335398211 medium size Essential oil bottle Natural wildflower oil and herb leaf on a wooden background She cautioned me against using the drugstore brands internally and I’m so glad it never crossed my mind as they may have pesticides, additives, chemicals or can even be completely synthetic! We had many deep conversations for hours each day. Wisdom and knowledge flowing back and forth between us. She suggested I make blends especially for pets. My interest was perked. A mentor!  That is when I finally felt like I was in safe hands. I was ready to give essential oils a meaningful go.


That is when I found my answers.shutterstock_137513078 medium size Rose petals essential oils for aromatherapy

And so have you. You’ve found help. You don’t need to use essential oils in the dark anymore.


I know what it is like to be a fellow frustrated essential oil user. I know what it is like to have people give you one piece of information and want you to buy the rest before they share the answers. I know what it is like to “like” Facebook pages and never get any meaningful information from them. It seems there are a lot of people out there who don’t know what they are talking about. We don’t even know how much we don’t know until we have new answers. Some people very very alone. Not everyone has a Lynette to rely on.

shutterstock_260400971 medium size Tablet with diagnosis aneurysm and stethoscope Stroke survivor

Being a brain aneurysm bleed out survivor I know the distinction between getting medical attention and supporting wellness with natural things. I’ve seen questions on facebook where it is obvious a person should be asking a qualified doctor, not people who don’t know the answers. There is more about my brain aneurysm bleed out story at www.KisssedByARose.netshutterstock_111744977 medium size Elegant beautiful woman enjoying aroma of huge rose on dark background



shutterstock_293016737 medium size Photo of Facebook homepage on a monitor screen through a magnifying glass Scouring facebook for essential oils informationThis free (beta) essential oils 101 masterclass website will give you an overview of essential oils of everything you need to know from Essential Oil Safety to Essential Oil’s for Special Occasions and Essential Oils for Pets to Essential Oils for Meditation and Grounding. Categories and ways to use the oils. It presents it in an easy to understand manner without all the hype. You can finally stop scouring Facebook and YouTube. Bookmark this site for your own organizational convenience. Have you bookmarked it yet? Go to facebook and like and share our page. Essential Oils Masterclass on Facebook. Click here.


shutterstock_191045063 medium size Academic family, multi ethnic group of graduated young studentsWe come from an academic, musical and athletic family. My grandma, who lived to be 108 years old in 2013, could always be found with a book in her lap, she loved reading and learning that much! shutterstock_188302157 medium size Close up, elderly woman with book. Life long learning, adult education, reading as a senior

One time Pearl visited my sisters house. When they showed her the bed, she exclaimed “how am I ever suppose to get to sleep with so many new books to read” because the bed was beside two bookshelves packed with unexplored books. “You don’t have to read them ALL tonight Grandma, Cheryl replied. I’ll bring them to you” and so shed did, box by box over the next few years.

-white-coats-ceremony for med studentsMy mom and dad were both teachers – dad was math and physics at the University level and mom taught teacher training at Kamgambo University in Kenya between 1970-1976. My niece is a registered nurse in Canada. She loves using the
citrus oils (but did you know to avoid citrus with cats?) My nephew and niece-in-law just finished med school at Loma Linda University so we have a lot of people with medical backgrounds in the family, I didn’t mention my brother-in-law and his parents are all three medical doctors. Another niece has won Silver Medals in figure skating provincially. A couple of my nephews ran a mile in under 4 minutes. My background is cognitive Psychology. I earned my Honors degree from Queen’s University in Kingston in 1989 and have the coolest diploma written in Latin! As a Catalyst Life Coach I have worked with couples with non-fulfilling relationships, troubled adolescents, and adults facing life challenges. As a aneurysm survivor it is good to contribute through counseling and a healing ministry. At Landmark education we were taught that one motivation common among people even with different cultural backgrounds is the desire to make a positive difference. Even as an aneurysm bleed out survivor I want to make a difference.  I spent over $20,000 on trainings after my aneurysm and learned everything I could about meditation and life coaching and cognitive and behavioral therapy for depression and anxiety. I must have over 500 books sitting on my bookshelves, and now my husband gave me a Kindle as a gift so I have my share of pdf files. Have you ever wanted to make your own Essential Oil blends? You’ve come to the right place. Essential Oil blends can transform the lives of you and your family. shutterstock_344075762 medium size Homemade pumpkin pie and apple pie straight from the oven to the table piping hotThink about how it feels to walk into a kitchen that has apple pie in the oven! THAT is what essential oils diffused can doto add to the comfort of your home.


Overwhelmed by the number of EO vials you would need to buy to make all the DIY recipes you find? Why can’t I find recipes using the dozen or so oils I DO have? If I can only afford a few oils, what 3 oils should I begin with that will have the most usefulness? We talk about that on this website.


Velma’s Essential Oils 101 Masterclass is everything I wish I knew about essential oils and aromatherapy 15 years ago.


shutterstock_195553352 medium size Text I wish I knew about essential oils thought cloud quest or thirst for knowledge facts and triviaUse the tabs at the top of the page to navigate around the site. On the purple line with this template. Some of the pages are brief, others are long but that is what makes them useful. So be patient. Wondering How To Buy Essential Oils? Where to Buy Essential Oils lists a couple dozen prominent essential oil companies so you can review them. I sent my younger sister essential oils for Christmas. They make wonderful stocking stuffers. And I wanted my friends to be able to learn everything I am learning so I summarized it on this website. You’re going to come away from Essential Oils 101 and Velma’s Essential Oil Masterclass website knowing more than you possibly expected. Bookmark it so you can return. This is the information I wish I had had when I first came across essential oils fifteen years ago.


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Newspaper article Plane crash

Four people in my family were in that horrific plane crash. One did not survive, my dear daddy. This is the actual newspaper article in Kenya, East Africa.

shutterstock_37751 medium size Plane crash trajedy Black and white girl with red rose by tombstone at a graveyard mouning her loss and saddened by grief.Why choose us? We survived having 4 members of our immediate family in a plane crash and I am grateful for all those in our African community who held us children in their hearts all these years even after we were uprooted from Africa so abruptly when my daddy passed away from 3rd degree burns from the plane crash. My younger sis was just 11 when she was in that plane crash. When I watched Michael Jackson’s funeral online and his daughters sobbing “I love you daddy” it struck me that ‘we were that same age when we lost our daddy!” Growing up with parents who either served in WW II or were in the shadow of those who served, we were told many times that if we were ever separated from our parents like kids were during the bombing raids in Europe that we should always stick together. So if you want to support my sister or myself you have two options, order YL through Lynette – if you choose to order Young Living essential oils through my sis Lynette who is a distributor know the oils will be very excited to come to your home! or option #2 – take Lynette’s ongoing online skype meditation class at West Coast times at AcceleratedAwakening Click here


We 4 sisters have a very close bond. We can only make our bread and butter with your support so we are immensely grateful for those who contribute as our internet community. 

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Join Lynette’s Skype meditation class here. Go to click here

My sister has a Skype Meditation class that rocks! Do you want more peacefulness? Choose to relax and make time for yourself with Skype Meditation Classes. Being an aneurysm bleed out survivor I have used hundreds of hours of meditation and all these meditation classes to support my recovery. We all have stress in our lives. Choose to make the space for stress reduction.

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